Welcome to Life Coaching

As a life coach I’ve come to understand how important it is to differentiate between our being, our doing, and our having. When I speak about our being I am talking about our individual authentic self. Many of us seem to lose our sense of self by confusing who we are with our history and all the roles, jobs and duties that shape our busy lives. Through the life coaching process, you will discover a wellspring of joy that your true self offers. This is authenticity; it is what helps us to become more present and live in the moment with all of life’s joys and blessings.

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source link Being authentic is to take responsibility for your thoughts, visions and actions while honoring the gift of all your emotions. As a result, we can expand our consciousness to one that is fully accountable and responsible. As we develop our self-awareness, our ability to identify with what we think and feel gets easier as does our capacity to communicate this information to ourselves and to others. By better understanding and respecting our body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and the world we live in, we experience harmony. When we are in harmony (within our self), we experience that same agreement with others or as some call it, synchronicity.

http://naonomeu.com/ beach3With harmony we can accept who we are; we are at peace with ourselves and with others; and we can finally feel at home in our own skin. This forms the foundation and the inspiration to connect with courage, love, peace and compassion. From here we realize that our presence matters, making apparent that we have a profound responsibility to share our unique perspectives, talents and gifts with the world. When we open ourselves up to authentic sharing, we also experience more moments of synchronicity—filling our life with wonder and delight.

As your life coach, let me assist you on your personal journey. Together we can address personal and professional life struggles. My job is to help you sort through the confusion that often gets in our way and get to the root of the matter—to uncover the real you. I am here to help you achieve what you want and have always dreamed of.  My mission is for you to experience balance in your life. You will be amazed at what you can achieve and obtain. We all deserve happiness; it is our natural birthright.




Are you living your life authentically?

Can you express your real feelings to others?
Are you willing to be your true self?
Are you willing to thrive and not just survive?
Are you ready to create the “what’s next” in your life?



Do you feel indecisive?
Are you afraid to make a decision?
Plan your next job or career move?
Do you find yourself drifting aimlessly without a direction?
Do you want to find your own unique path?


changeAre you afraid to change?
Are you stuck in a dead-end job?
Are you living according to someone else’s idea of
who you should be?
Are you afraid to take risks?


actionAre you living your life expressing your greatness?
Do you know what’s holding you back?
Have you dreamed of a better you?
A better life, job or career?
Are you stuck on the “my life sucks” merry-go-round?
How do you move forward?


relationshipAre you able to be honest with yourself and others?
Do you respect your mind, body and spirit by nurturing it daily?
Are you able to easily identify your feelings, wants,
needs and desires?
Do you have trouble communicating?
What is the foundation of a healthy relationship?


livingAre you feeling exhausted and depressed?
Have you lost the joy in life?
Is your schedule running you instead of you
running your schedule?
Are you having a difficult time managing your money or time?
Are you having a difficult time losing weight?