What is Life Coaching?

buy viagra online with paypal in canada Let’s start with this thought:

What would you think if you had someone in your life that believed in you, listened to you, collaborated with you, supported and helped you discover all the possibilities available to you?

Life Coaching is all about you!

It connects you to what’s right and already working inside of you. A life coach recognizes your greatness so that you can also see it. Once you get a glimpse of your authentic self, you will feel inspired to bring the whole you into focus. By aligning body, mind, emotions and spirit, you will easily step forward into the life you’ve always known you were meant to experience. Coaching helps you to reveal the real you—so that you can do and have a meaningful and purposeful life.

It is time spent focusing on what is on your mind and what you need.

As an intuitive and certified coach it is my job to create a trusting place where you can share and be heard.

I listen to you, your feelings and the energy behind what you are saying. In doing so I am able to ask powerful questions, offer insight and observations that support you in creating new awareness and ultimately options for positive change.

Together we focus on your strengths and work to achieve your goals and intentions.


“Two minds are often better than one” see so as collaborative partners in the coaching process we can:


  • dandylions02Get to the heart of “who” you are as a person so that the “what” you seek is clear.  (We know how difficult it is to achieve goals that do not fit!)
  • Focus on your vision, not someone else’s.
  • Create viable strategies and intentions for achieving success based on who you are, your values, and what you want.
  • Support you in taking actions set within the strategy and intention framework that we create together.
  • Remove fears, limiting beliefs, and anything that is getting in your way.
  • Celebrate your wins


buy viagra canada online Some of the benefits of coaching are:

  • More energy
  • A stronger sense of self worth and self-esteem
  • Direction
  • Clarity and focus
  • Internal strength
  • Strategies for creating successful outcomes
  • Increased awareness
  • The knowledge that you are not alone; you have someone by your side every step of the way
  • Better work/life balance
  • Reduction or elimination of tolerations and any obstacles blocking your way
  • A higher level of motivation
  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Creating more happiness in your life


Coaching is a powerful process, and clients get out of the process what they put in. Results vary dependent on the client and their commitment to themselves and their forward movement.

My emphasis is on the mind-body connection, helping clients discover their true source of inspiration, creativity & truth. We are all blessed with an intrinsic need to connect – to be seen, heard, felt and understood. We are all on an incredible journey – the goal is to become balanced in your own life and live it your way!