buy doxycycline dogs Growing up in New York, living in Northern California for my college education and starting my family in Southern California, it is amazing to look at the places I have lived and my travels around the world. My childhood offered me my roots and security; my adulthood has taught me the importance of maintaining relationships across the globe & through my transitions.

I believe when we feel deeply connected to others and are achieving our true purpose, we then are able to live a life full of abundance and peace.  I would like to guide you to that place.


I am a Life Coach and Multi-certified Pilates Educator who finds fulfillment and purpose working with both women and men, individuals and groups to enhance their lives and achieve balance and peace. My passion is the mind-body connection.

The knowledge learned through my experiences and training offer you the opportunity to discover how to communicate more effectively, enhance your understanding of yourself, and succeed in accomplishing your desires, dreams, and goals.

I offer a tough-mind and tenderhearted wisdom to my coaching practice.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in modern dance & choreography, owner of women owned & operated promotional advertising company servicing the entertainment industry, Advanced degrees in Pilates, both the Classic NY style, west coast repertoire, SPX & The Sharp Method; Birth Doula. I am a great example of a woman creating and re-creating a life filled with meaning and purpose.

In an effort to maintain a life of balance, I enjoy several activities, which include my family, Pilates, of course! hiking, kayaking and volunteering to name a few.  Let me help you journey to a place of feeling truly connected, full of purpose, and authentically YOU!



” I’m grateful to have made the connection to her through her work as a pilates trainer.  She is a thoughtful listener and asks great, insightful questions to help me focus on the purpose of our sessions and what I want to take away from them.  Combining in person conversations with homework assignments, Jaime has taught me stress management tools that have fostered a stronger sense of confidence in me. Life is always a work in progress, but with Jaime’s coaching I feel better equipped to navigate the ups, downs and challenges that come my way. ”

Christine Reins
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“Jaime has amazing listening skills and ability to cue on on what might be bothering you.  Even as my pilates instructor I noticed she was extremely compassionate and a great listener.  I was not surprised to hear she was becoming a coach.  She has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life with her ability to listen and help focus my energies on what’s really important to keep moving forward.  She is always positive and brings light and love around you just being with her.”

Judy J.
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